Freelance behind the scenes photographer experienced in shooting commercial and promotional content for brands ranging from Lexus, Tom Kitchin, Barbour, LS Productions and FedEx.

Iā€™m an award-winning photographer, based in East Lothian, Scotland. I travel all over to capture BTS as well as sporting and music events and landscapes.

Sports photography has honed my skills in capturing live action whilst weddings taught me to be ninja-like! Being there, but, never in the way. I’m well practiced in being silent and in the background ā€“ not stepping on toes.

Clients like and trust me. I get asked back.

Recent BTS collaborations

  • LS Productions
  • Barbour
  • Lexus
  • FedEx
  • Folding ā€” a short film staring Joseph Marcell
  • Tom Kitchin, Michelin-star chef
  • Paul Sng, Documentary film director